Research Group of Structural Engineering 
(Tecnica delle Costruzioni/ICAR09)

Research Activity

The main research activities include experimental, numerical and theoretical works on structural elements, materials for construction (concrete, timber, steel, innovative cement based materials). Over the last twenty years, the group of Structural Engineering of the University of Brescia has focused the research on the structural rehabilitation of historical and modern buildings. To this aim, a specific PhD program has been activated since 2010. Furthermore, several graduate courses are available in structural design, earthquake engineering and structural rehabilitation. Current structural research includes analytical, numerical and experimental work on reinforced concrete structures, timber structures, steel structures and masonry structures, also including the seismic behavior of structures, the seismic assessment of existing structures and their retrofitting and upgrading. The mechanical properties of materials and the behavior of structural elements are investigated through intensive laboratory activities. Some more specific topics of current and planned research include the following: 

Structural Rehabilitation 

Diagnostic investigations and study of techniques aimed to the conservation and recovery of monumental building; strengthening of wooden floors with collaborating concrete, steel or wood slab; wooden box-like covering and reinforcement truss; tie reinforcement of arches and vaults; connections between different materials (steel and concrete, masonry, dowels, anchors); repair of wooden beams with glued or nailed prosthesis; strengthening of masonry walls by nano-reinforced fibrous mortar coating; structural retrofit of modern buildings by means of "engineered" double skin façade; retrofitting of RC element with high performance concrete jacket; engineered masonry infill walls for post-earthquake structural damage control. For more information on structural rehabilitation studies, please contact prof. Ezio Giuriani

Seismic vulnerability for churches in association with transverse arch rocking

Earthquake Engineering

Research topics refer to the study of seismic behavior in different structural types like new construction and historic building; specific studies are carried out for the repair of churches damaged by the earthquake; seismic vulnerability for churches in association with transverse arch rocking; buckling restrained steel braces; X braced steel frames; shear and bending behavior of mansonry; response of timber shear walls. For more information on Earthquake Engineering studies, please contact prof. Ezio Giuriani

    Strengthening of masonry walls with high performance mortar coating                             Tests on Full Scale RC walls

Innovative materials 

Mechanical characterization testing and both numerical and analytical modeling of structural elements made by innovative composite cement in fiber reinforced concrete (FRC); simulation of precast segments for tunnel construction; use of fiber reinforced plastic composites for new construction and repair; shrinkage of HPFRC; reinforcement optimization of fiber reinforced concrete linings for conventional tunnels; cracking behavior in reinforced concrete members with steel fibers; bond and lapped splices. For more information on Materials Engineering studies, please contact prof. Giovanni Plizzari.

Shear behavior of deep FRC beams                                                 Analysis on FRC tunnel elements