Research Group of Structural Engineering 
(Tecnica delle Costruzioni/ICAR09)

The research group of Structural Engineering (ICAR09) is present in the Department since the early years of its establishment and it is active in the field of teaching and research. Ragarding accademic coures, the group offers both basic training courses (Fundamentals of Structural Design, Structural Engineering) and others more specialized courses, aimed at illustrating both theoretical and practical aspects applied in the field of civil engineering (Structural Elements in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete, Theory and Design of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures, Theory and Design of Steel and Wood Structures, Structural Rehabilitation, Earthquake Engineering).

The educational offer is therefore aimed at providing the necessary skills for structural design, main point within the cultural formation of each Civil Engineer.

About research activity, the many works published both nationally and internationally sharpen the fulfilment of the activity carried out in the scientific area of structural engineering. The relevance of our research is also attested by the numerous conventions and research contracts established over the years with important organizations operating in the province of Brescia and in national area.

Over the years, the Group has strengthened the Material Testing Laboratory Pietro Pisa where activities in support of teaching, research and certification are carried out.